About Decorative Concrete


Every concrete surface is unique and can be customized to suit the design of your project.

Concrete coatings add a decorative, protective layer that not only enhance the appearance of the concrete surface but also improves the strength and durability of the concrete.

Learn more about decorative concrete treatments:

Acid Stains and Dyes create rich colors and gorgeous textures.

Epoxy Coatings protect and increase the life of your floor.

Surface Detailing creates unique patterns and textures that mirror stone or tiling.


The Benefits of Acid Stains and Dyes

Decorative concrete stains, dyes and epoxy coatings aren’t just beautiful. They are easy to clean, very cost effective, and can even reduce allergens as an alternative to carpeting. Maintenance costs are significantly lower than wood flooring or VOC tile.

Lower Maintenance Costs Environmentally Friendly
Easy to Maintain Curb Appeal
Reduces Allergens Design Flexibility
(resists chipping, discoloring, warping, and staining)
Cost Effective
(compared to natural materials)

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