Compare Cost and Benefits

Polished Concrete vs. Other Flooring Materials 

Compared to other options, polished concrete is less expensive AND easy to maintain.

Wall-to-wall carpet Ceramic tile Vinyl or linoleum Wood or wood laminate Natural stone (such as slate or marble) Polished concrete
Available in a wide spectrum of design options Yes Yes Yes Yes No Unlimited
Longevity and performance Poor Good Good Good Excellent Excellent
Ease of maintenance Poor
(stains easily, needs frequent vacuuming)

(linoleum/VCT need constant waxing and stripping)

Good Good Excellent
Can radiate heat and store solar energy No Yes No Poorly Yes
(but depends upon material)
Vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage Yes No Yes Yes No No
Can harbor mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergens Yes No
(but grout is vulnerable)
No Yes
(mold and mildew, if the floor becomes wet)
No No
Is a “green” sustainable flooring alternative No Yes Maybe
(if using linoleum made from all natural materials)
(if made from reclaimed or FSC-Certified wood)
Yes Yes
Average cost per square foot, installed $3.38 – $6.61 $11 – $22 $2.64 – $5.34 $8 – $10 $20 – $50+ $2 – $10
Average lifecycle cost High Low Intermediate Intermediate Low Extremely low

Note: These prices are from $10 per square foot, down to $2 per square foot, reflect floor areas of from 1000 square feet, up to 50,000+ square feet, respectively.


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